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Many homes in Hawaii can benefit from having a split AC unit because of how much area the split unit can cool while being energy efficient.  More and more homes acquire split AC systems due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness for maintenance and usage.

A split AC System has two main components, one is in the interior of the room and serves as a blower either cooling or heating a specific zone. The second component of the split unit is the compressor and is installed outside usually in and area with ample space clear of obstructions.

Some models come with multiple indoor units that use a single compressor. They are sometimes called ductless air conditioning units since they do not use ducts to circulate the air.

Five Benefits of Having Ductless Split Air Conditioning.

  1. Easy installation. Since there is no ductwork to install, the units are easy to set up. The indoor unit can be up to 100 feet away from the outdoor condenser, yet the only space required is a small hole in a wall for the copper tubing and control wiring. The condenser unit can even be positioned on a flat section of a roof if available.
  2. Easy maintenance. Split air conditioning systems are easy to maintain. They have washable filters and require only routine cleaning periodically. Outdoor units are designed for easy access for maintenance and repair.
  3. Quiet operation. The indoor units of these systems are typically quiet enough for libraries, classrooms, boardrooms, and bedrooms. The outdoor components can be installed under a window or near a patio without disturbing anyone.
  4. Simple control. Most units come with a remote control, as well as a wall mounted thermostat, and temperature control is easy and convenient.
  5. Attractive design. Instead of a big, clunky window unit, you have air conditioning units that blend well into the indoor decor. There is no need to block your windows, either.

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