HVAC contractors Maintenance and Performance practice

Standard Air guarantees our client’s satisfaction by providing our ten point air conditioner preventative maintenance checklist along with our proven performance test to ensure that your system is running up to its maximum efficiency and that we help maintain the high quality of life at your home.

We will ensure your system has:

  •    Continuous Cold Air Flow
  •    Clean Coils
  •    No Water Leaks or Clogs
  •    Clean Filters
  •    No Bad Smell


Standard Air Hawaii goes above and beyond high standard cleaning for your split AC unit. The people in your home won’t have to suffer during the hot, humid, no trade winds weather and instead live in a ‘Cool Zone Hawaii’ house, where comfort and safety define the quality of life at home.  

High standard HVAC contractorsPhone and Online Support

Get the expert service you deserve for your home from Standard Air Hawaii through our and online support. We are Oahu’s air conditioning service making sure that we hold a very high standard practice when it concerns your split A/C unit. Whether you need a quick advice, set a maintenance checkup service, track the status your maintenance schedule,  or simply call us to know what eco-friendly products we provide when servicing your split AC unit? We are a  local based business ready to serve you.