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Hawaii air conditioning service

Aka Mai Home Air Quality in Hawaii!

You do not have to deal with the trouble of fixing your broken split AC system. Let Standard Air Hawaii handle it for you! We serve HIGH Standard Air Conditioning Service and provide honest, reliable HVAC contractors services from the Winward (east) to the Leeward (west) side of Oahu. Don’t wait to call our dedicated aircon technicians when you need to repair or a have a routine maintenance for your Split AC unit. We only provide you with eco friendly products. We specialized in air conditioner coil cleaner service for split ac units in Hawaii.

Our service is to make the lives of our customers as comfortable as possible. In addition to our high-quality cooling services, we also provide state-of-the-art AC Split unit deep cleaning services for the local areas. When you’re looking  to deep clean your AC unit we’ll make sure to serve you better.

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Standard Air Hawaii guarantees our client’s residential homes by providing our Ten point air conditioner preventative maintenance checklist along with our proven performance test; to ensure that we practice ‘aka mai’ every step of the process when maintaining and that we help maintain the high quality of life at your home.

  •    Continuous Cold Air Flow
  •    Clean Coils
  •    No Water Leaks or clogs
  •    Clean Filter System
  •    No bad smell

Standard Air Hawaii, HVAC Service, goes above and beyond high standard cleaning for your split AC unit. The people in your home wouldn’t have to suffer during a hot, humid, no trade winds and instead live in a ‘Cool zone Hawaii’ house, where comfort and safety defines the quality of life at home.  

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